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Maldives , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Maldives » Faafu: Will Saudi Investment Be the Spark to Ignite the Maldives' Political Tinderbox?

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Publication date: Friday 21 April 2017

The growing discomfort among the people is linked to Saudi King Salman’s ambitious plan to start a development project in Maldives’ Faafu Atoll. Around 100 kilometers southwest of Maldives’ capital, Malé, are a small group of 26 islands, forming the ...

News Maldives » Faafu: Maldives sends out envoys to 'friendly nations' of China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia; India not on list

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Publication date: hursday 08 February 2018

Maldives, with a 100 percent Sunni population ... As reported by The Times of India in March 2017, Faafu — one of the 26 Maldivian atolls — was to be sold to Saudi Arabia, which India feared, would aggravate Wahabism in the Indian Ocean country.

News Maldives » Faafu: India sees red over Maldives’ plans to sell island to Saudi Arabia: Report

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Publication date: hursday 02 March 2017

An aerial view of the Faafu atoll in Maldives With India already faced with a serious security threat from Pakistan and China, a fresh controversy in the Maldives over its government planning to give control of an entire atoll to Saudi Arabia seems to have ...

News Maldives » Faafu: Maldives govt rejects claims it is selling off atoll to Saudi Arabia

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Publication date: Wednesday 08 March 2017

The Maldives Independent website reported that police had cracked down on a protest on Friday by Faafu atoll residents and detained some of them, who demanded details of the project. Last month local media and websites quoted Mr. Yameen as saying Saudi ...

News Maldives » Faafu: China gets closer and closer to Maldives

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Publication date: Friday 01 December 2017

And after the constitutional amendment in 2015 allowing foreigners to own land, Saudi Arabia has drawn up plans for a massive integrated development project in the Maldives, fuelling speculation of the sale of Faafu Atoll to that country. Following his ...

News Maldives » Faafu: MDP wants clarity from Saudi on Maldives project

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Publication date: onday 13 March 2017

Given that the government of Maldives stands accused of unprecedented levels of corruption and mired in accusations of money laundering, the government’s behavior on Faafu project has only added to public consternation and suspicion. The government’s ...